Legal Opinions and Audit Letter Responses

CLE Materials

A Primer on Opinion Letters

Annotated Legal Opinion for Secured Financing Transactions

Audit Letter Responses

Checklist for Preparing Opinion Letters in Standard Corporate Transactions

Florida Commercial Loan Transaction Opinion

Form of Security Interest Opinion

How to Respond to Audit Letters

Key Steps in Drafting and Reviewing Legal Opinions in Securities Offerings

Legal Opinion Due Diligence Checklist

Opinion Letters for Loan Closings

Opinion Letters in Commercial Real Estate

Substantive Issues of Legal Opinion Due Diligence

Legal Opinion and Audit Letter Response Reports

1998 Tri-Bar Mortgage Loan Opinion Report

1998 Tri-Bar Third-Party Closing Opinions Report

California Report on Legal Opinions Concerning Partnerships

California Report on Venture Capital Legal Opinions

Florida Report on Third Party Legal Opinion Customary Practice

Georgia Report on Legal Opinions (Corporate Transactions)

Guidelines for the Preparation of Closing Opinions

North Carolina Report of Third Party Legal Opinions

Pennsylvania Report on Legal Opinion for Unsecured Credit Agreement

Real Estate Finance Legal Opinion Report

Report on 2010 Survey of Law Firm Opinion Practices

Report on Common Qualifications to Remedies Opinions

Statement on Updates to Audit Response Letters

Tri-Bar UCC Security Interest Opinion Report

Washington State Report on Third Party Legal Opinion Practice

Restatement (Third) of the Law Governing Lawyers

Section 51: Duty of Care to Certain Nonclients

Section 52: The Standard of Care

Section 95: An Evaluation Undertaken for a Third Person

Sample Opinions and Related Forms