Compliance and Risk Management

In today’s business world, all companies, regardless of their size, business model and scope of activities, are required to understand and comply with a plethora of laws and regulations, including common law legal relationships with employees, creditors, and landlords; various licensing requirements imposed by federal, state, and local governments; intellectual property rights; employment laws; federal and state tax laws and regulations, including the reporting obligations imposed under such laws; domestic and foreign laws regulating technology transfers and the form and content of many common commercial relationships; federal and state statutes relating to antitrust and unfair competition; governance rules and regulations; federal and state laws relating to privacy and data security; federal and state securities laws; and federal and state statutes relating to consumer protection and other matters.  Recognizing the various legal and regulatory requirements that must be understood and satisfied, it is imperative for companies to create and faithfully administer appropriate compliance programs.


Business Transactions Solution on Thomson Reuters Westlaw contains a transaction-based practice system for the life cycle of a business entity. Each transaction structures itself around a module design, including transaction summary, memorandum analysis, master forms needed to execute the transaction, commentary analyzing every clause or provision of the form, drafting and review checklists, and specialty forms. The unlimited-use subscription provides regular updates, including new master forms, commentary, checklists, and specialty forms.

Legal Compliance Checkups: Business Clients.  The questionnaire format of this multivolume work shows how to elicit answers, make a diagnosis, and recommend an efficient, safe course of action for your business clients. Each chapter provides business guidance in specific business activities, including forming contracts; buying and selling a business; franchising; operating in the global marketplace; counseling on insurance, pension, securities, and product liability issues; borrowing money; contracting with the government; and resolving patent, copyright, and trademark-related problems and issues. Topics include business organization, estate planning, labor relations, real estate, securities, patents, computer software, advertising warranties, environmental law, and transportation and distribution.  Features include showing how to assess the “legal health” of your clients and suggestions on how to apply the right remedies to legal pitfalls in your clients’ activities.

Business Counselor’s Law & Compliance Practice Manual offers in-house counsel, or outside counsel acting as the primary legal and compliance adviser to a company, a comprehensive set of materials on how to establish, manage, and grow the law and compliance function. You’ll benefit from the author’s insights based on over two decades of experience with internationally recognized law firms as a partner and senior counsel member. Topics covered include organizing and managing the law and compliance function; managing a company’s intellectual property rights; human resources; and international compliance issues. Other manual features include forms and checklists available in print and on CD-ROM.

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ADDITIONAL RESOURCES (POWERED BY SUSTAINABLE ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROJECT)  The Sustainable Entrepreneurship Project engages in and promotes research, education and training activities relating to entrepreneurial ventures launched with the aspiration to create sustainable enterprises that achieve significant growth in scale and value creation through the development and commercialization of innovative products or services which form the basis for a successful international business.  The Project is also involved in collecting, analyzing and disseminating information about regional and national efforts around the world to support and expand sustainable entrepreneurship.  The Project has launched of its own portfolio of timely and practical information in the form of comprehensive libraries for sustainable entrepreneurs.  Libraries that are particularly relevant to Compliance and Risk Management include Compliance & Risk Management,


West Legal Ed Center Click for list of all programs presented by the Institute on West Legal Ed Center.  Programs relating to compliance and risk management include several videos prepared for the Beyond the Bar training initiative and the following webinars (available on demand):

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