New Supply Chain Management Disclosure Requirements

This issue of Business Counselor Update includes new forms and commentary that will be incorporated into the Westlaw database Business Transactions Solutions (BTS) in December.  Access to further information requires a Westlaw subscription, which can be obtained by using the contact and ordering information included in the materials.  This issue highlights new supply chain management disclosure requirements adopted in California and include information on launching relationships with new vendors.  Protection of personal information is addressed by a social security number policy and counsel representing employers can take advantage of a template for disclosure of certain basic employment-related information to new employees.  Finally, the issue provides advice on creating a library of the forms needed to quickly and efficiently assist clients in forming and organizing a new corporation.

Written by agutterman

Founding Director of the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Project


  1. Owners of business entities should make it a point to keep up to date on new laws as pertains to the establishment and operation of a new corporation. Protecting personal information is an important issue in the business circle. The new supply chain management disclosure requirements give businessmen the means to better protect their interests.


  2. Issue is solve and that is really an amazing things,most of the time problem in business is really hard to solve for a lot of reason,in Finland now a days most of the business problem is product information management there is always some small issue about it,but just like this there is always a good solution and advice to make them fine.Anyway good information.


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